Beeswax 1KG
Beeswax 1KG
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Beeswax 1KG

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This is 100% all-natural beeswax that has been triple filtered and is suitable for candles or cosmetic uses. It is pelletized for easy handling.

Beeswax has very little shrinkage and makes an incredibly long-burning candle.

Can be used in containers or molds, but we recommend only using rubber molds for beeswax since its natural properties are sticky and will not release easily.

Melt point: 150 degrees

Primary Use: Molded candles, tapers, votives. Can also be used for lip balms, lotion bars, soap, etc.

Packaging: Granulated/Pastilles

Scent Recommendation: Use up to 10% fragrance

Wick Suggestion: Cotton square braid

Recommended Pouring Temperature: 180-190 degrees